LFS Database Hi-Res Pack

LFS Database Hi-Res Pack 1.0

The LFS Database High Resolution Pack gives LFS a whole new look
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LFS Database

The LFS Database High-Resolution Pack is not just a couple of textures put together. This pack is huge, and it changes almost all the graphical elements in LFS for better quality ones. This is a compilation from LFS Database's many contributors, and each of them focused on a specific part of the game.

After installing the pack you notice the difference from the very menu: all the Menu Screens have been changed for sharper images. The racing suits, gloves, and helmets have also been upgraded graphically. There are new steering wheels from the cars that have been modeled as close to the real wheels as possible. All the detail in this pack is amazing, the cars look sharper and obviously, way better, even the brake calipers have been redone. And the changes don't end there, the skies and track textures have also been improved. This seems to take some age off LFS, because it looks younger and more in tone with the newer racing simulators. However the pack does require a very high resolution to really appreciate them, which may make your game a little slow depending on your system specs.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Amazing graphical update for LFS


  • You need a fast computer to run it
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